Our Collection - Best Bespoke Furniture in Dubai


Burgundy Design speaks the language of style, performing the role of taste maker and innovator, rather than a follower at the whim of fashion. The accent is on product through design, materials, craftsmanship and finish.

Good design lies at the heart of fine furniture. That is why Burgundy Design houses work from the very best of artisans. Born of a reinterpretation of period and neo-classical styles, Burgundy Design's own range blends the finest-quality natural materials, traditional know-how and the imagination of the designers to create a collection with authenticity and a charm of its own.


In addition to housing the best of designer furniture, Burgundy Design offers furniture by frame. Giving customers the luxury of customization and the freedom to have their piece upholstered in their choice of fabric, the extensive Burgundy Design upholstery collection offers choices from the finest textiles, leathers, silks and embroideries creating a wealth of possibilities for each piece.

Burgundy Design fabrics are woven and embellished by skilled artisans, ensuring that they are of the highest quality. Additional accessorizing options in upholstery are available from the in-house interior design and consulting service.


Offering a range of chandeliers and lighting options sourced from all over the world, Burgundy Design gives you a choice in accessorizing your space with the perfect lighting. Revel in a Mediterranean vibe, rich in Ottoman colours and mosaics. With both indoor and outdoor lighting options available, customers are spoilt for choice at Burgundy Design. Light up your space with the most complementing accents by choosing lighting accessories that bring out the best in your furniture. Design facilities and complementing services are also offered.


Burgundy Design hosts a range of Classical, Persian and Kashmiri wool and silk carpets from the world-renowned manufacturers, Abbas Carpets established out of Pakistan. From design and implementation to dying and weaving, Abbas Carpets have a reputation built on trust and quality. A name recognized internationally for its individual pieces. Burgundy Design is proud to offer Abbas Carpet heirlooms at the showroom.

Blending Ottoman and Mughal influences in traditional hues of blues and greys, the range of Kashmiri carpets at Burgundy Design presents the best of the industry and has something for all tastes.